Project planning

FLIRT MÁV Budapest, Hungary

Our Group supports project planning and project management for vehicle makers and operators of new projects and modernisation projects for rail vehicles at the Niederhasli site.

Our services:

  • Systems engineering for pneumatic and hydraulic brake systems
  • Control and instrumentation systems engineering for brake systems
  • Technical and specialist consultancy
  • Mechanical and thermal brake computation
  • RAMS/LCC analyses
  • Equipment and system documentation

OE projects

Units Project
32 Tram Geneva / TPG
38 Tram Basel / BVB
41 4-car FLIRT Helsinki, Finland
48 4-car FLIRT MÁV, EYSEV Hungary
74 DOSTO, S-Bahn Zurich / SBB
25 DOSTO, Aeroexpress Russia

Tram Cobra / VBZ Zurich

Rail vehicle sales

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FLIRT MÁV Budapest, Hungary